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Saturday, October 1, 2011

Young Talent in Jersey - Lil Vicious

Young Talent in Jersey

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Here emerges a brand new young talent, Victor Silva a.k.a. Lil Vicious. A nine-year old break dancer with fresh athletic moves and cool swagger. He practices his sets in NBK Studio every week in Downtown Jersey City. With the help of his mentors from NBK Studio, he has been able to refine his moves and sharpen his style. If you see him dance, you can feel his passion for breaking through his dancing. His dancing demonstrates a great deal of skill and potential in becoming one of the top Bboys in the future. I have had the privilege to interview him and getting some insight on his thoughts on breakdancing, school, practice, and inspiration.

Victor has been breaking for a couple of years and continues to get better all the time. He enters competition in the east coast regularly and engages in numerous dancing performances. He enjoys skating in his free time and loves eating popcorn. He is working on balancing his time properly between school and breakdancing.