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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Pacquiao Vs Mayweather, Make it Happen Already!!!

I just recently found out on some online news that Pacquiao Agreed to the 14 days cut off prior to the drug testing that mayweather has been demanding ever since the whole negotiation started between the two fighters.
I hope that this fight really happens now, I also found another random news from a couple of blogs that Mayweather is asking for the bigger share(60/40) of the money between him and manny because he attracts more PPV sales than Pacquiao from their last fights. I was just thinking that its also came from Shane Mosley's side that's why the PPVs went up. It wasn't like his fighting himself which is too obvious. Anyway, I really hope that this is not another crazy demand for the fight not to happen.
To go straight to the point, I don't care about the whole reasoning behind anymore, whose lying, whose has the bigger share, give blood, Promoters BS, etc,..

I don't even want to make predictions on this unless there is a really strong evidence that it will happen.

The Boxing fans are tired, We want to see the Fight ALready!!!