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Friday, April 6, 2012

Where Do You Stand?

How familiar are people nowadays with the current political system?

Bills are being signed into law such as NDAA (National Defense Authorization Act) with zero coverage from media. How important is it to become aware of the political world?

Below are some questions to keep in mind while you view the video regarding political awareness:

Do we care about ending the endless wars, fiscal crisis, policing the world, learning about the Federal Reserve and inflation?

How many people are aware of the debt this country is currently holding?

Do we really care about the upholding of the Constitution or has it merely become insignificant?

Is it important nowadays to have self-awareness before involving ourselves to any issues?

Do we bother to look at our history so we can learn to avoid making the same mistake from the past?
How well do we listen to our soldiers to what they're saying or are we just too fast in saying that we support the troops?

Do we look at the long-term effect of our involvement in international conflicts and how it might affect other people?

How well do we know about the NDAA? How about those GOP candidates? What is your opinion on Obama's presidency? Who is Ron Paul? Does anybody care about the election anymore or did majority of the people gave up on the broken system we have in the United States?

Have we lost the sense of self-responsibility and became dependent to the government to have them interfere with our social lives?

Has politics and religion become the neutral subject that many people avoid to discuss?

Have we fallen deep into the media's bias coverage and lies that we can't even acknowledge facts anymore? How do we deal with issues objectively without making decisions based on emotions?

Have most people traded our freedom for security?

Conducting interviews in Jersey City area regarding politics was an awakening experience. It is interesting to see how people interpret and understand certain issues in politics. As adults, it is wise to educate ourselves and keep an open mind before jumping to conclusion too quickly prior to getting all the facts. Communication and acceptance are two important components in the learning process that we should consider.

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