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Friday, January 21, 2011

The Oldest Cheerleader in the NFL..Anybody know?

Never Thought she would be the oldest cheerleader in the NFL at the age of 42. Her name is Laura Vikmanis. She decided to become one of the Ben-Gals Cheerleaders while attending a football game.
A little background about Laura V.
A mother of two daughters; Alexa - 12, and Lila - 14 Living in Springboro Ohio.
She earned her Bachelors in Dietetics and Food Administration from California State, Long Beach and works full-time as a dietician and personal trainer.
She's truly an inspiration to many people including me that we can make our dreams come true if we work hard for it and of course as long as you keep focus on your goal with effort and patience, you will achieve it.
My favorite quote goes with this;
"Expect the Unexpected"..hehe