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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Arts and Music in the Park -

Arts and Music in the Park

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Washington Park Association of Hudson Community in New Jersey presented an event this past Saturday, it brought communities together to enjoy arts, music, and dance in the park. The community center is located by the border of Jersey City and Union City. There were activities such as, gardening, yoga, art workshop, face painting, live music, break dancing, and live band; interactive activities for everyone to watch and enjoy. The event started around one o'clock and ended around four in the afternoon.

One of performers for the event was CUDA - "Community For Urban Dance and Art". People from CUDA did break dancing and initiated a dance circle to encourage kids to participate. There were also opportunities where the CUDA members instructed kids on how to do some of the basic breaking moves.

This program was made possible in parts by funds from the New Jersey State Council for the Arts. Other sponsors were The Geraldine R. Dodge Foundation, The Palisade, Green Collar Futures, Relaible Wood Products, Empire Realty Group LLC, Hudson County Genealogical & Historical Society, and WPA "Washington Park Association".

An interview with Bboy Bedrock of CUDA

Saturday, October 1, 2011

The Cuban Hot spot in Jersey City - Hard Grove Cafe

The Cuban Hot spot in Jersey City

Hard Grove Cafe in Jersey City is one of the great hang out spots to check out if you are ever around the Downtown area and want to satisfy your spanish food cravings.

The restaurant is located across from PATH station at Grove street. There is outdoor and Indoor sitting available and a bar area inside. The food is tasty and prices are reasonable. On some occasions, it might take some time for the food to come out, but when it comes out, your taste buds will be fully satisfied.

Suggestions to try are the roast pork, roast chicken with rice and beans, and the salads. The drinks are very good as well.

The interior designs are cultural in reflecting the Cuban heritage and the vibe is friendly. I've been to this place quite a few times, and each time, the staff have treated us well and the service has been attentive.

Check out their Website for any updates regarding promotional flyers and special discounts. Come here during breakfast, lunch or dinner and see the variation in the menu choices they have to offer.

Young Talent in Jersey - Lil Vicious

Young Talent in Jersey

Lil Vicious Slideshow Click Here

Here emerges a brand new young talent, Victor Silva a.k.a. Lil Vicious. A nine-year old break dancer with fresh athletic moves and cool swagger. He practices his sets in NBK Studio every week in Downtown Jersey City. With the help of his mentors from NBK Studio, he has been able to refine his moves and sharpen his style. If you see him dance, you can feel his passion for breaking through his dancing. His dancing demonstrates a great deal of skill and potential in becoming one of the top Bboys in the future. I have had the privilege to interview him and getting some insight on his thoughts on breakdancing, school, practice, and inspiration.

Victor has been breaking for a couple of years and continues to get better all the time. He enters competition in the east coast regularly and engages in numerous dancing performances. He enjoys skating in his free time and loves eating popcorn. He is working on balancing his time properly between school and breakdancing.

Activist Poetry Slams in the Heights

Poetry Slams in the Heights

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Poetry is a unique tool that allows writers to channel thoughts into words in expressing views, emotions, beliefs, and life experiences. It is also a powerful forum in showcasing the importance of freedom of speech.

Emotions released by the poets were passionate and honest, as some words were spoken with anger as these poets fully invested their souls into their poetry.

The topic mainly focused on the current state of our economy, government, world issues, rights of the people and the truths left out by the mainstream media.

Arts were also displayed by local artists such Dru Cruz, Marukh, Angel Perez, Ruler, Ramsey Oh, Coalition of Activists, Jamie O' hara.

The Activist Poetry Slam 2 were organized in collaboration with the,,, and

Are You Late For Work?

Are You Late For Work?
Anthony Reyes(Owner of Late For Work LLC) talks about his company and the new t-shirt design.
"There is no need to rush, as long as you make it in time for happy hour."
"Work is the cause of Stress, Happy Hour is the Solution" - Anthony Reyes

Check out the video below.

Friday, September 30, 2011

Good Eats at Liberty State Park - Maritime Parc

Good Eats at Liberty State Park

Did you know there are a couple of great restaurants in Liberty State Park? Maritime Parc is one the restaurants located inside Liberty Sate Park, it's a great find nestled in Jersey City, opened only about a year ago.

It has indoor and outdoor seating, a spectacular view of the Marina boats and New York City Skyline, great unique indoor design and the staff is friendly and welcoming, adding up to a wonderful dining experience.

Though not everything is perfect, sometimes service goes awry such as forgetting desserts, taking longer time to bring out the food, but the service staff is quick to rectify the mistake. The quality and presentation of food is quite good, flavor combination is satisfying to any palate. Pickled plate with corn, apple and grapes for bread dipping is a refreshing start to a meal.

The interior design of the restaurant has a modern feel with clean horizontal lines. A 350-bottle wine display, Chef's table with views of both the open kitchen and the Marina, are all the unique elements of this restaurant.

Urban Arts and Entertainment in effect at Jersey City

Urban Arts and Entertainment in effect at Jersey City

Ever pass by the Path Train entrance by Grove Streer at Downtown area on Fridays? Before reaching the plaza, you would be drawn by the beats of the music, as you get closer, you will find live music bands, different vendors selling various products, food and other types of family entertainment. This event is called Creative Grove Undersiege, produced by Sirelo Entertainment.

As Creative Grove Undersiege took on last Friday's event, CUDA Culture (Community for Urban Dancing Arts) joined in the fun along with other local groups, performers, musicians and promoters. Break dancers demonstrated their brilliant athletic moves to the music of the DJ and the beats of the percussionist. This event takes place on the last friday of the month beginning from April to September.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

"Liberty Defined" - A must read!

"Liberty Defined" - A must read!

Just going back on my old Post and reading them again, I felt the need to share this one.

If you want to gain some unique perspective on politics at its core, “Liberty Defined" by Ron Paul is the book for you. Readers come away with a better understanding of the current political state of our country and what transpired to cause the current status.

Ron Paul is a physician and twelve-term congressman from Texas, and for 2012, will be his third presidential run. To his supporters, they admire his honestly, direct approach and unwavering belief in the Constitution. One may find politics easier to digest after reading the book. As you become more familiar with Ron Paul, you will notice that he always speaks about the Constitution.

American news media perpetuates biased views on current events. It is increasingly more difficult to get unbiased news unless one double and triple checks facts. For people that search for a refreshing take on politics, Ron Paul’s “Liberty Defined” offers a unique insight into current political quagmire. One may say Ron Paul’s views are eccentric. Ron Paul supporters will argue that his unwavering believes are based solely on upholding the Constitution. The definition of the Constitution of the United States,” is the supreme law of the United States of America. The Constitution is the framework for the organization of the United States government and for the relationship of the federal government with the states, citizens, and all people within the United States.” Can anyone hold his ground arguing against the Constitution? As July 4th approaches, all of us may need to reflect on how far our country has deteriorated due the lack of respect in upholding the Constitution.

There are numerous you tube clips of Ron Paul speaking about current economic crisis, wars, and diminishing liberty. To the vast majority, people feel he is way out in the right field. When one keeps an open mind while listens to him speak, it is easy to begin to see his point of view is based on following the Constitution as it was intended by the founding fathers.

According to Ron Paul (2011) on Campaign Finance Reform," these same people do not even entertain the thought that excessive spending on campaigning is a symptom of corrupt big government.” (p. 29) “Government attracts all those who enjoy using power over others and those who convince themselves that average people need 'smart' people to take care of them." (p. 57) If you can handle some brutal honesty, Ron Paul is your man.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Is College a Scam?

While browsing for some guitar lesson videos, I came across this clip about College supposedly being the biggest Scam in the history.
I personally don't think College is a scam. I don't think people were brainwashed from the beginning when schools started in the past. I believe everyone started with clean conscience and positive purpose. Then somewhere down the road behind the curtain of our history, someone was able to manipulate the education system.
After watching this Clip, I have to admit, they did have a lot of valid evidence and good points that suddenly connected with what I experienced about 7 years ago making me feel like I was victimized of the unknown scheme.

It seems like everything the government touches, try to solve and get involved with always fails. Should there be some type of restraint with our government interfering in our society. We should have a free market, Education not run by government, and less interference with our private lives.
What ever happened to our Constitutional Beliefs? Did we just followed some numbers and disregarded the rest?
The society is Changing as we all know, I really don't want to see people wake up when it's too late to realize.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Kenya's Marathon Champion Sammy Wanjiru Dies

Sammy Wanjiru is an athlete who especialized in long distance running. He had broken so many world records specially on half marathons and accomplished so much at an early age.

He won the Beijing Olympics in 2008 to become the first Kenya's marathon champion to win a gold medal.
The following years, he won the London and Chicago Marathon to have the fastest long distance records on both countries(United Kingdom and United States).
He was the youngest runner to win 4 major marathon Series.

Just recently found out about his death couple of days ago on the news after falling from the balcony at his home in Nyahururu. Authorities are uncertain about his death and unable to categorize whether its Suicide,accidental or homicide.

I think he will be remembered deeply by his people and throughout the world for his incredible talent and will become a true inspiration for all of us.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The Anti-War rally in Union Square, NYC April, 9th, 2011

I passed by in Union Square this past weekend coming from my job when I saw this huge crowd rallying for anti-war overseas. I took some pictures and videos. It made me think; A lot of people are not into politics or has no clue what our country's main concerns and problems. I don't blame them since I don't want to get involve either. I think most people are too busy with their own life agendas in their own communities which I think is the right thing to do, but at times like these where corruption is all over the place, nations coming down, Our own Government disregarding the Constitution, I think these are the times when we should all unite and get our country back to normal.
Like one of Thomas Jefferson's quote;
"Evil triumphs when good men do nothing." -Thomas Jefferson
I believe that as a citizen of our nation, it is our obligation to get involve in our current issues. I feel like even the crowd here rallying in Union Square don't have a strong grasp of politics, but they do know what's going on and how much of deep trouble we are on.
It made me realize, Is it really Humanitarian reasons why we are involved to so many wars overseas fighting Terrorism or is it Special interest of our government?
I Have so many thought in my mind, but I'm just going to keep it short for now.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

The Famous Chinatown Arcade

The Arcade spot in Chinatown by Mott Street Closed down last Friday. I decided to drop by after I found out this is happening. There's was quite a lot of kids there when I came, maybe because the fact that its closing. I don't know the exact reason why they are closing down or could just be for renovation.
That Arcade spot definitely brings me back to my freshman high school days...with "Dance Dance Revolution" and "Tekken" Games. I'll waist all my dollar bills just to get the thrill of advancing to the next stage leaving myself empty pockets with no fare to get back home. Even though the place is old and has quite a lot of history, they update those arcade games and kept some of the old ones such as "pacman", galaga, and others as you enter the place.
This is the only arcade place I know that has that old school vibe or you can compare it to Dave and Busters arcades..hhmm
Is there anymore places like this in New York City and in Jersey?
I took some pictures to share this priceless memories..

Here's the front door entrance with missing letters on their billboard.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Alien Abduction Arts Experience by David Huggins

I went to an art Exhibit last night in Jersey City called Balance Hair Salon.
here's some info of the event from the link that we've found from the site.

Who: David Huggins, artist and alien abductee
What: UFO Abductee Experiences Exhibition
When: Tonight from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m.
Where: Balance Hair Salon, 18 Erie St., Jersey City
Details: Huggins will show his painted depictions of his abductions of aliens and discuss his extra-terrestrial life.
It also cover more insider stories regarding the Abduction experience of David Huggins.
I have yet to set-up an appointment interview with him. However, Me and my girlfriend did asked him a couple of quick questions regarding some of the painting visuals and how it was like.
here are all the pictures I took from the last night's exhibit
David Huggins and Babie G.