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Thursday, March 25, 2010

The Choking Game

Have anyone heard of this "The Choking Game"...Coz I haven't. Based from what I saw on TV, it evolved more than hundreds of years ago...who knows. They probably call it something else. And From what they say, its common among teenagers in today's society.

What is a choking Game:
Well it is not a game first of all, Its hurting your brain on purpose for a few seconds of feeling lightheaded. Its just the most common term for it.
I think terms its called Roulette, Flatliner, Tingling, Suffocation,California High, Rising Sun, American Dream, Space monkey, Funky Children, Space Cowboy...etc...its insane...
and of course by doing this, you can permanently damage your brain and kill your brain cells which do not grow back.
Never even Heard about this when I was a teenager.

Watch this: