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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

R.I.P. Patrick Swayze 1952-2009

Patrick Swayze died at the age of 57 after his long battle with cancer.
He was diagnosed with Pancreatic cancer in January 2008. He passed away monday according to the article I read online.
He starred in more than 30 films during his career in the industry and as well as many tv movie series.
He became a household name after he starred in the movie "Dirty Dancing", shortly following his biggest hit, the movie "ghost".
Other great movies I remembered that he was involved: Point Break, Red Dawn, Road House, Young Blood, Too wong foo, The Outsiders...
Patrick Swayze will be remembered as one of the most brilliant actor of our time.

My thoughts and prayer for his family and friends.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

MTV Video Music Awards 2009

I watched the video music awards on mtv the other night sine I really have nothing to do....Anybody here watched it?
It was a paid tribute to michael jackson in the beginning of the show. Madonna started the show by giving her very moving speech about her relationship with MJ. One of the quotes that she mentioned, "Sometimes we have to lose things before we can truly appreciate them.",is one of the most common learning facts while growing up, and she had put it in a deeper understanding with her story. It was followed by a dance performance which include janet jackson recreating the only music video they were together(I might be wrong)"Scream". I already considered the whole intermission would be the best part of the night since I don't really support the new music mainstream these days, so I straight up thought they would are some that I like though.

The whole drama controversy for the night came or the most"highlighted" part is when the award for the best female video something was given,..Taylor swift won the award. I thought that girl deserve the award no matter what..then Kanye West came to the stage out of nowhere(how did he do and disrupt this girl while giving her thank you speech just to say that Beyonce had the best video of all time...I was like WOW Kanye west!!..thats insanity...was he drunk?..taking the rudeness to the next level.
Beyonce is fire alright, but it was almost nothing to do with her when this dude mentioned her name.(its more like im on stage now and im here to stop the wrong doings). I still like his music no matter what, just got to separate his personality. Dont really care much for the ego he has to offer to the rest. His motives is like if it doesn't go his way, everyone should stop and make sure everybody know...just assuming..which is good sometimes on right occasions. I almost thought it was another one of those staged drama, but it would'nt really make sense.

And as expected, this controversy is still going on today. Even at my job they were talkin about it. Overall, I think he should not be invited on anymore award shows.
movin on,..Lady Gaga was taking "weirdness" to the next this is fashion in the future and we must adjust or I should adjust. There was one when she look like a ninja and a duck or some sort of flying one of those that makes you say what the hell..but then again alright its fashion, self expression, art.
The last performance with Jay-z and Alicia Keys "Empire State of Mind"...I thought was one of the best song. Im from Jersey and I thought that song represent well. It sorta moved me too. Im goin to download it. Feelin that song...Listen to it.