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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Lin Yu Chun from Taiwan sings "I will Always Love You"by Whitney Houston

Lin Yu Chun from Taiwan singing 'I will Always love You". Well I found this clip shared by one of my friend through facebook. I don't know much info about the guy except that his 24 years old, he's from Taiwan, and he has a great voice. it reminds me of charice from Philippines, but he has a good way of singing it too. that hair cut is one of the first things I noticed from watching...Its kinda funny the way it shaped, who cares anyway, with all this fashion makeover industry in today's society...a lot people can help, besides he has a great voice...that's what counts.
I think he's been compared to Susan Boyle. and he's video has been uploaded just couple of days ago-not even a week and it has already reach millions of views.

Check it out!