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Thursday, July 22, 2010

CUDA Culture - Community for Urban Dance and Arts

The Community for Urban Dance & Art is organized for the educational purpose of providing a positive and creative outlet for inner-city youth through diverse art forms founded in the urban culture. With the goal to stimulate a young person's talents, enhance self-confidence, personal growth, and appreciation for the visual and performing arts, CUDA has teamed up with diverse groups of artists, musicians, dancers and organizers to make great programs and workshops available for the youth in Hudson County and surrounding areas. We also aim to emphasize self-discipline, team-work, leadership skills, decision-making skills, appreciation of multicultural differences, and community service.

With your individual help and support, together we can make our community a better place by helping our young people reach their dreams

Support CUDA Culture! Help us raise funds for Free Hip Hop Youth Workshops in Hudson County. Donate $30, and get a CUDA Culture hoodie. Email - subject: CUDA sweater; please provide a desired size. Thank You!

Check the website while its Under contruction at the moment

Monday, July 19, 2010

Summer Classic Event at Union Square

I hope everyone's enjoyig their summer. Here's an event coming up by the end of July. Bring your radios and have fun in the sun during Friday afternoon to this summer classic setting event.

Remember what Union Square was like? Dancers from different disciplines would get down, exchange and build with one another. This is how we carry each other, inspire each other to go higher and keep the dance alive. We got our permit so no one can shut us down. Come out and jam, watch and support!
Funktion Productions & Kings of New York Present:
Summer Classics at Union Square
Friday, July 30th 6pm-10pm
Friday, August 20th 6pm-10pm

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Funny Marmot eating cracker

I was looking for a topic to blog about, but for some reason I was not in the mood to look for a big story. so I browse some videos on youtube and came across this video of a chubby marmot eating graham crackers. I Don't know why it makes me laugh just by watching this clip. I can imagine of so many funny things just by watching. The comments below the clips are hilarious too. Even though its a small animal, it looks heavy and
I wouldn't really consider an animal needing a a diet or some exercise..haha
I want to see a clip of it crawling around.

It reminds me of the clip of the dramatic prairie dog with that kill bill song, but this one doesn't need background songs.