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Sunday, February 27, 2011

The Famous Chinatown Arcade

The Arcade spot in Chinatown by Mott Street Closed down last Friday. I decided to drop by after I found out this is happening. There's was quite a lot of kids there when I came, maybe because the fact that its closing. I don't know the exact reason why they are closing down or could just be for renovation.
That Arcade spot definitely brings me back to my freshman high school days...with "Dance Dance Revolution" and "Tekken" Games. I'll waist all my dollar bills just to get the thrill of advancing to the next stage leaving myself empty pockets with no fare to get back home. Even though the place is old and has quite a lot of history, they update those arcade games and kept some of the old ones such as "pacman", galaga, and others as you enter the place.
This is the only arcade place I know that has that old school vibe or you can compare it to Dave and Busters arcades..hhmm
Is there anymore places like this in New York City and in Jersey?
I took some pictures to share this priceless memories..

Here's the front door entrance with missing letters on their billboard.