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Sunday, December 23, 2012

What About The Fiscal Cliff?

What About The Fiscal Cliff?

Have you heard about the fiscal cliff? Fiscal Cliff is the short term used to describe the economic situation the US will face when the terms of the Budget Control Act of 2011 are scheduled to go in effect. At mid night of December 31, 2012, temporary payroll tax cuts will end, certain tax cuts for businesses will end. In a short period of time, you will see an increase in taxes for many Americans.
You can make the assumption that this nation has already gone down the cliff and we are just delaying the effect. We are in the state of crash and burn reality. Sixteen trillion in debt and our nation is still spending.
  Politicians always delay their decision up to the last minute and both parties are always looking for opportunity to shift the blame to other side. Let's face it, the goal of any politician is re-election, he or she is never truly interested in long term solution in solving real issues. They are always angling to get the quick fix and shine the light on their party at any cost. We are already broke and over the fiscal cliff and we keep delaying the effect.
  If we really want solution to our money problems, we should look at why the government keep raising the debt ceiling. Foreign policy, domestic welfare policy, inflation all need to be addressed, but there is no indication of any discussion in addressing solutions to these problems.
 Spending more will never be the solution to our problems. Every down turn spiral points to our government's careless spending beyond our means, politicians don't really look at cutting spending. Raising taxes to the rich or the middle class will never solve the ever increasing deficit. Our government spends estimated about six million dollars per minute, just do the math for each hour, each day, each month, and each year, when are we going to wake up?
When politicians talk about spending cuts, they rarely have a true plan on cutting spending. It is mostly about deceiving people with baseline budgeting which is allocating money from one place to another. Democrats are asking to increase trillions of spending and taxing the rich more, and Republicans are freaking out about cutting spending about 10 percent. While both sides argue whose plan is better, we, the common people sit on the sideline and watch the economy continuing to tank. Just how far off are we from reality?
We still have about 20 million people unemployed in this country, and this trend will continue unless we face the truth.
When it comes to history, it shows us that a bigger government, a sign of bureaucracy, is never good for society. In the end, both parties' inability compromise is the root of the issue in our nation. Sadly, majority of the people do not care. When the dollar collapses we will have true awakening.

Thursday, November 29, 2012

The Next Four Years!

The Next Four Years!

 One week following President Obama's victory for re-election, representative from all 50 states have filed petitions with the white house asking to secede from United States of America. The latest total number was estimated around 700,000 electronic signatures according to RT news, although this has not reached one percent of American population, it signals a dissatisfaction the American people have towards the government. Will this number keep rising? Is this the only last solution?
How much attention are we paying to the crippling unemployment rate? The national debt reaching16 trillion, the Fast and Furious scandal, the Benghazi cover-up, the fiscal cliff, and the Obamacare. How about American government supporting Israel's government engaging in a massive killings in Palestine killing many innocent people? Is this really called a self defense against a nation that does not have any army?

Obamacare is taking effect soon, how will this affect small businesses and small companies? Would they be able to cover all their employees? What about the middle class? As a result many companies have announced pending layoffs of full time workers, closing businesses, and could potentially lead to more massive layoffs and job loss.
The number of people on welfare has hit an all time high and continues to grow, will this trend continue to grow under four more years of Obama? Evidence show that an increasing number of people are becoming more dependent on the government, it will likely exceed its current number. Some feel that this was a contributing factor to Obama's victory against Romney. The size and cost of these government programs are hidden from the public view due to the fact that government decision makers and the mainstream media invariably discuss one program at a time. If you have a large scale number of people on welfare program, this is clearly not a sign of success.
Will the American people ever come to terms with the Federal Reserve printing more money to cause inflation? When the dollar collapse, we will have a wake up call because nothing can be done anymore.
What will happen to our civil liberties? Obama extended the Patriot Act under his term and signed the NDAA(Indefinite Detention Authorization Act) which has been criticized for giving the federal government a broader authority to indefinitely detain suspected terrorists without charges or trial. Do people realize that this would open up more big government corruption, and decrease of freedom/liberty.
Is war normal in America? What happened to anti-war people on both sides of the party? How much awareness do Obama supporters have of his policies, or is the majority so dependent of the government where they are just waiting for the next hand out policy. It seems like majority of Americans don't want to pay attention to these important matters anymore as long as their candidate is in office. It seems like nobody cares about the destruction of the Constitution.
What happen to the American Dream? Why do we condone each party's corruption? When will the American people understand that having a big government is the problem?

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Some Zumba on Halloween

Some Zumba on Halloween

Put on your favorite Halloween costume and break out your dancing shoes, it is Zumba Halloween style! There will be a special Halloween Zumba party at Super Impact fitness studio on Friday, October 26th, located at 650 Montgomery in Jersey City.

This event starts from 8pm and ends at 10pm. A two hour fun-filled cardio dance fitness session. Everyone is welcome to come and get your zumba on. You will dance to great music while you follow zumba instructors to some awesome calorie burning dance moves that will surely make you feel good. Admission is $20 dollars with a free bottle of water

 This event is led by zumba certified instructor, Jesaida Fuentes aka B-girl "J La-rok" with guest zumba certified instructor, Kathleen Taboada aka "KatlogiK". You will be treated to a special performance called the "The Essence of Peace" performed by Jesaida Fuentes.

You can pre-register online with the link below to confirm your spot.
"Reserve your Spot"
For more information please contact; 201-892-5216
See you there!

The Lesser of Two Evils - Who do you trust?

The Lesser of Two Evils - Who do you trust?

America is in deep shambles and our leaders have no clue what to do about it. As we face the fact that New Jersey's unemployment rate is at 9.9 percent, its highest level in three decades. Not to mention the ever increasing national deficit as well as the increasing number of people on welfare. As more Americans are becoming increasingly dependent on our government, more laws and policies are being passed that chip away at our abilities to make decisions for ourselves. Who can we trust to get us back on track?
As the election draws closer, many viewers tuned into the first debate between Republican nominee, Mitt Romney and the incumbent, President Barack Obama. The general consensus was that Romney took the debate and as recent polls show, he made some ground in gaining more support.

 But if you examine closely, is there really much difference between these two candidates? If you pay attention to their voting records. Romney, like Obama, voted yes for the bail out, the war extension, the NDAA, the Patriot Act, and both are being funded by Goldman Sachs.

Read more here...

Monday, September 17, 2012

Arts and Music Festival in the Park

Arts and Music Festival in the Park

Washington Park's Art and Music festival will be held on Saturday, September 22. As part of festival, CUDA Culture will present a footwork battle for b-boys, b-girls and kids exhibition battle for everyone to see and enjoy. First place winner for each competition will receive $100 dollars cash and giveaways. Sign-ups for the battles are available in the day of the event.

In addition, Association of Hudson County, Inc. (WPA) will unleash an awesome lineup of local artists for its third annual Washington Park LIVE! Arts & Music in the Park. Washington Park will be pulsing with live bands, dancers, artists, and storytellers.

 Washington Park Association of Hudson County, Inc. (WPA) is an independent, volunteer run, 501(c)(3) nonprofit providing services and benefits to more than 1,000 community residents.

Founded by residents of Jersey City and Union City, who were motivated to create positive change in the community surrounding Washington Park. We believe that by engaging residents in activities that improve their neighborhoods, civic pride and care increases, leading to healthier, wealthier, and progressive communities.
Rain Date will be September 29, 2012
Phone (201) 320-5780
Contact: Mory Thomas: (646) 648-3390 or Phone (201) 320-5780

See you there!

Friday, September 7, 2012

Battle against the Undead and Umbrella Corporation

Battle against the Undead and Umbrella Corporation

Do you know what you are doing next Friday? Many people are patiently awaiting for the opening day for the 5th rendition of "Resident Evil." I have been looking forward to September 14 for a long long time, and I can't contain myself of the excitement. This time the movie is titled "Retribution" - the act of repaying or repairing something that has been damaged. The cast of Resident Evil have began their retribution and taking back the world from the virus spread.
Old characters such as Jill Valentine and characters that died such as Rain, One, and Carlos will come back in this movie. I am sure the audience will be wondering how they prepare the story line for the characters to come back to live since they were killed in the past Resident Evil movies. The new movie also has new characters, "Ada Wong" and "Leon S. Kennedy" who are included in many of the resident evil games. "Retribution" will be in 3D as well.

 All the Resident Evil movies have been really awesome and have been successful as big money makers for the movie company. It is a great action packed, adrenaline pumping type of movie. Nothing is nothing quite like girls in skinny tight clothing kicking ass, all the makings of a must-see movie.

Friday, April 6, 2012

Where Do You Stand?

How familiar are people nowadays with the current political system?

Bills are being signed into law such as NDAA (National Defense Authorization Act) with zero coverage from media. How important is it to become aware of the political world?

Below are some questions to keep in mind while you view the video regarding political awareness:

Do we care about ending the endless wars, fiscal crisis, policing the world, learning about the Federal Reserve and inflation?

How many people are aware of the debt this country is currently holding?

Do we really care about the upholding of the Constitution or has it merely become insignificant?

Is it important nowadays to have self-awareness before involving ourselves to any issues?

Do we bother to look at our history so we can learn to avoid making the same mistake from the past?
How well do we listen to our soldiers to what they're saying or are we just too fast in saying that we support the troops?

Do we look at the long-term effect of our involvement in international conflicts and how it might affect other people?

How well do we know about the NDAA? How about those GOP candidates? What is your opinion on Obama's presidency? Who is Ron Paul? Does anybody care about the election anymore or did majority of the people gave up on the broken system we have in the United States?

Have we lost the sense of self-responsibility and became dependent to the government to have them interfere with our social lives?

Has politics and religion become the neutral subject that many people avoid to discuss?

Have we fallen deep into the media's bias coverage and lies that we can't even acknowledge facts anymore? How do we deal with issues objectively without making decisions based on emotions?

Have most people traded our freedom for security?

Conducting interviews in Jersey City area regarding politics was an awakening experience. It is interesting to see how people interpret and understand certain issues in politics. As adults, it is wise to educate ourselves and keep an open mind before jumping to conclusion too quickly prior to getting all the facts. Communication and acceptance are two important components in the learning process that we should consider.

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