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Monday, May 23, 2011

Is College a Scam?

While browsing for some guitar lesson videos, I came across this clip about College supposedly being the biggest Scam in the history.
I personally don't think College is a scam. I don't think people were brainwashed from the beginning when schools started in the past. I believe everyone started with clean conscience and positive purpose. Then somewhere down the road behind the curtain of our history, someone was able to manipulate the education system.
After watching this Clip, I have to admit, they did have a lot of valid evidence and good points that suddenly connected with what I experienced about 7 years ago making me feel like I was victimized of the unknown scheme.

It seems like everything the government touches, try to solve and get involved with always fails. Should there be some type of restraint with our government interfering in our society. We should have a free market, Education not run by government, and less interference with our private lives.
What ever happened to our Constitutional Beliefs? Did we just followed some numbers and disregarded the rest?
The society is Changing as we all know, I really don't want to see people wake up when it's too late to realize.