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Friday, September 30, 2011

Good Eats at Liberty State Park - Maritime Parc

Good Eats at Liberty State Park

Did you know there are a couple of great restaurants in Liberty State Park? Maritime Parc is one the restaurants located inside Liberty Sate Park, it's a great find nestled in Jersey City, opened only about a year ago.

It has indoor and outdoor seating, a spectacular view of the Marina boats and New York City Skyline, great unique indoor design and the staff is friendly and welcoming, adding up to a wonderful dining experience.

Though not everything is perfect, sometimes service goes awry such as forgetting desserts, taking longer time to bring out the food, but the service staff is quick to rectify the mistake. The quality and presentation of food is quite good, flavor combination is satisfying to any palate. Pickled plate with corn, apple and grapes for bread dipping is a refreshing start to a meal.

The interior design of the restaurant has a modern feel with clean horizontal lines. A 350-bottle wine display, Chef's table with views of both the open kitchen and the Marina, are all the unique elements of this restaurant.