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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Eminem and Bruno stunt at MTV Awards...

I saw this on the news the other day...its been the talk over the internet for a minute...i dont think it was staged even if it was, something is not right(just gotta wait for eminems response). but anyhow just didnt like how it was...Im not a big fan of eminem but I do like his rap songs coz it make sense...considering the kind of music we have in todays society...Its like "Junk food in hip hop"-its hard to defend some of this rap because the music is good but there's no meaning to it....We all know famous artists have fanbase,but at least consider his own image through music and the media,..he would never base his judgement through fanbase...People follow him because they relate to his music and rap lyrics...Everyone has different characters, differnt struggles and backgrounds in life...we all have limitations, and taking it as a joke would not be a realistic response, only u could apply that if your an easy going person.
I think MTV is doing everything they can to gain all the attention and get as much viewers for their in the internet world, Driving a traffic to your website. Its not even a music channel should be a reality show channel.