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Thursday, November 29, 2012

The Next Four Years!

The Next Four Years!

 One week following President Obama's victory for re-election, representative from all 50 states have filed petitions with the white house asking to secede from United States of America. The latest total number was estimated around 700,000 electronic signatures according to RT news, although this has not reached one percent of American population, it signals a dissatisfaction the American people have towards the government. Will this number keep rising? Is this the only last solution?
How much attention are we paying to the crippling unemployment rate? The national debt reaching16 trillion, the Fast and Furious scandal, the Benghazi cover-up, the fiscal cliff, and the Obamacare. How about American government supporting Israel's government engaging in a massive killings in Palestine killing many innocent people? Is this really called a self defense against a nation that does not have any army?

Obamacare is taking effect soon, how will this affect small businesses and small companies? Would they be able to cover all their employees? What about the middle class? As a result many companies have announced pending layoffs of full time workers, closing businesses, and could potentially lead to more massive layoffs and job loss.
The number of people on welfare has hit an all time high and continues to grow, will this trend continue to grow under four more years of Obama? Evidence show that an increasing number of people are becoming more dependent on the government, it will likely exceed its current number. Some feel that this was a contributing factor to Obama's victory against Romney. The size and cost of these government programs are hidden from the public view due to the fact that government decision makers and the mainstream media invariably discuss one program at a time. If you have a large scale number of people on welfare program, this is clearly not a sign of success.
Will the American people ever come to terms with the Federal Reserve printing more money to cause inflation? When the dollar collapse, we will have a wake up call because nothing can be done anymore.
What will happen to our civil liberties? Obama extended the Patriot Act under his term and signed the NDAA(Indefinite Detention Authorization Act) which has been criticized for giving the federal government a broader authority to indefinitely detain suspected terrorists without charges or trial. Do people realize that this would open up more big government corruption, and decrease of freedom/liberty.
Is war normal in America? What happened to anti-war people on both sides of the party? How much awareness do Obama supporters have of his policies, or is the majority so dependent of the government where they are just waiting for the next hand out policy. It seems like majority of Americans don't want to pay attention to these important matters anymore as long as their candidate is in office. It seems like nobody cares about the destruction of the Constitution.
What happen to the American Dream? Why do we condone each party's corruption? When will the American people understand that having a big government is the problem?