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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Protein Shakes

I am currently drinking MYOFusion protein shake. Been drinking it for a month. I like it so far, and the taste is great unlike other protein shakes where i have to somewhat force myself to drink it like a

I use to drink Freak Fix when I started which helps me gain the weight a lot quicker. It kind of scared me a little bit coz I felt somewhat fat. I guess its really effective if your very serious of gaining weight. you must work-out a lot for it because it will turn into fat
I did not have a good work-out plan back then compare to now where I have everything scheduled, so mostly likely that's what caused me to gain the unnecessary weight that I don't want.

So I turned back to this popular muscle milk that everybody knows and its actually a lot cheaper. I didn't really felt any difference in my body while drinking this unlike the freak fix that even parents noticed that I had gained weight in such a short time. I do recommend it for people who are serious to gain muscle and heavy workout.


protein said...

Thanks for posting up those products. I think I'll have to try some of those!