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Saturday, November 6, 2010

The Breakdance Project In Uganda

In our today's society, there are many ways to promote positive social change world- wide. Just to go straight ahead, one example would be Break Dancing...Let's help change the communities by doing something that would make you feel good inside and out. You'll know what I mean once I show some clips.

A non-Profit Organization in Uganda called Break dance Project Uganda known as "BPU" is making a great examples in creating big steps towards positive change. In my honest opinion, politically it is hard to make a change or convince an entire nation for something that you believe in. To my assumptions, So why not create some actions that everyone would be ok with?. What can of bad things can you say about Dancing?..nothing major really...right?...Would it make us Stupid?...I don't think so.

I'm pretty sure there a re a lot of other groups out there with the same aspects, small or big - formed to help out local communities and neighborhoods.

Usually, when watching clips like this, I would point out that kids are dancing on the streets barefoot, how bad and unsafe it is. This time, I have to look at it the other way, to me it shows determination not to give and who can stop them from breaking even they don't have shoes. Hopefully they got some supports for their cause and sponsors for at least some sneakers to make it look better.

Anyway check out some of this clips

Teaching and Cyphering at the Uganda Juvenile Prison how to do some basic Break dance moves.

A free Dance Workshop

Kids teaching Kids to break

another dance workshop

Breakdance class at the Uganda Orphanage Kinship

Breakdancing in the Streets of Uganda

This is really the movements I want to see in the hip hop community. I want to see it progress in the future, see many organizations form and help out local communities and bring out the culture in a positive manner.

To learn more about the Organization:
Check out more videos: