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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

New Toy - Parrot AR Drone Quadricopter

Saw some clips of this Flying toy last Night, I thought it resemble to those UFO stuff.
I guess technology is being taken to its new heights.
It looks really awesome, I found it cost about 250 - 300 dollars plus insurance and other parts separately sold...hhhm..I might think about it.

Here's some details about the Quadricopter:

The first quadricopter remotely controlled by your iPhone/iPod using Wi-Fi (potential support for Blackberry and other phones)
-2 built-in cameras
-Drone View video streamed to iPhone or iPod Touch using a 93 degree wide-angle diagonal lens camera
-CMOS sensor
-Encoding and streaming of images on iPhone, video frequency @ 15 fp, camera resolution: 640 x 480 VGA
-Intuitive & user-friendly piloting
-High performance rechargeable LiPo (Lithium-ion polymer) batteries
-The Smart Parrot Piloting Software includes an inertial unit, ultrasound sensors for altitude control and a vertical camera under the cockpit to measure speed 60 fps
-Static flight or hover, range is 6 meters
Removable polypropylene hull (as seen) for protection
Embedded accelerometer & gyroscope
-Automatic take-off and landing
-Up to 15 mins flight time.
-Running speed of 18 km/h or 5m/s (zippy!)
-360 g without hull
-400 g with the hull
-Embedded computer system: ARM9 RISC 32 BITS - 468MHZ, DDR RAM 128 M-200 Mhz, WiFi b/g, USB high speed for future expansions, Linux OS

Here's some video sample.