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Saturday, July 11, 2009

"Kings of New York Event" - a hip hop premier dance competition

Kings of New York is Going to happen this November or early December. Im one of the promoter helping to make this event happen this year.. Right now were in the process of collecting emails to send infos through everybody...we'll basically that is part of my assignment...I need to collect 3000 email address...i have like 700 just for this event...still a long way...
While each individual has their own reason for becoming involved in the team. Everyone shares the same central purpose of unfying, educating, and supporting the hip hop community.
We strives to acknowledge and encourage the excellence in the world of hip hop community with authenticity, integrity, and charity.
Since the intermission that happen back in 2003, The event has steadily become one of the major premier dance event within the hip hop community, and its been supported by well over 2000 individual each year. Also one of my motives why I support and joined the group.
The target audience which is "people of the world - all ages and culture"comprised of discerning consumers who are at the forefront of entertainment, technology and style.
if your reading this and interested.
Please email me at
and we appreciate your support.