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Thursday, February 25, 2010

101 things to do list before I die

So there this new show on Mtv called the "The Buried Life"...I don't watch TV a lot since I stay on the computer mostly. so neway, I turned the television on the other day and watch this show...I actually liked it. Its about a group of people who put their lists together of things they want to do before they die..and for every item they complete on their list, they help a stranger achieve one of their dreams...I thought the show was like a dream-like imaginative(again I don't know how to explain it.)
also inspiring.
I think everyone should make their own bucket list.
here's the website:
and here's a preview

So I thought of putting up my own List...
the one with the "X" have already been accomplished.
and its not in order

101 things to do list before I die

1.Run one of the biggest marathon in the country.
2.Climb one of tallest mountain in the world.
3.Visit "The Great wall of China".
4.Become a well-Known Blogger.
5.Work as a Server/waiter in a restaurant. (X)
6.Work in a fastfood place.(X)
7.Write a book
8.Learn to play Guitar (X)
9.Dance with Jennifer Lopez
10.Bungee Jumping
11.Throw a crazy insane big event.
12.Meet the Cast of "FRIENDS."
14.Work as a pizza delivery person.
15.Drive the UPS Truck.
16.Become a tennis Coach.
17.Play a match with 2 famous tennis players.
18.Sing at a wedding.
19.Visit London.
20.Become a contestant on a TV gameshow.
21.Cook with Martha Stewart.
22.Perform on an open mic.
23.Compete on a Breakdancing battle.(X)
24.Become a Personal Trainer.
25.Have a crazy fight inside a room full of Break-away furnitures.
26.Dugg a hole in a desert.
27.Play at an open mic night.
28.Dress up as Santa for Christmas.
29.Destroy a car.
30.Attend a protest.
31.Be part of the Chinese New year parade on Chinatown.
32.Meet my partner in life.
33.Make a speech in front of a really big crowd.
34.Own a Studio.
35.Go to Speed Dating.
36.Learn Kayaking.
37.Learn how to throw daggers(X)
38.Learn Breakdancing.(X)
39.Be in an independent movie.
40.Run A business.
41.Hangout with a group of Strangers in the City for the whole night.(X)
42.Perform dance on a big major concert.
43.Go to the Olympics
44.Get married.
45.Have a Baby.
46.Make an important announcement or news on the radio.
47.Make a famous Logo.
48.Attend a party at Playboy mansion.
49.Witness a Solar eclipse(X)
50.Swim with Dolphins and Sharks
51.Learn the Sign Language
52.Help someone in Need.
53.Make someone's dream come true.
54.Get a tattoo.
55.Own A pet.(X)
56.Watch the Cirque du Soleil.
57.Sell some of my artwork pieces.
58.Witness a UFO.
59.Check out the Pyramids in Egypt.
60.Go on a roadtrip acrros America.
61.Be on the Cover of a Magazine.
62.Learn Kung-Fu.
63.Make a crazy music Video.
64.Go to Hawaii.
65.Connect with my past teachers from early childhood to highschools.
66.Have my own Clothing Line.
67.Own a big house.
68.Volunteer for a coat Drive.(X)
69.Arrange a big birhtday event.
70.Attend one of the biggest boxing match.
71.Become a Vegetarian for 30 days.
72.Win a raffle draw.
73.Take an Acting Class.(X)
74.Learn to right with my right hand.
75.Make my own movie.
76.Go on Blind date.(X)
77.See the Grand Canyon.
78.Ride a Horse.(X)
79.Help a family.
80.Ride an airplane.(X)
81.Travel to unknown locations.
82.Buy a meal for a Stranger.
83.Become a guest on a morning show.
84.Ride a helicopter.
85.GO to Times Square For New Years Eve.(X)
86.Go visit back my country.
87.Learn Billiard.(X)
88.Do Street hitting and earn at least $200.
89.Do something completely crazy and out of character for a day.
90.Go Scuba Diving.
91.Proper fire walking.
92.Start a Blog.(X)
93.Do a Stand-up Comedy or poetry in front of an audience.
94.Own my own Business.
95.Visit Tokyo, Japan and eat in a restaurant.
96.Ride a camel.
97.Witness a shooting Star.(X)
98.Create my own themes song.
99.Fly in a hot-air baloon.
100.Start a dance mob.
101.Complete ths list.


nothingprofound said...

Quite a list, Joseph! Hope you accomplish all of it.

Anonymous said...

hello... hapi blogging... have a nice day! just visiting here....